CompleteReport® Security Guard Reporting

CompleteReport® Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Software

With Top Guard Security and our proprietary CompleteReport® electronic monitoring software, you and your staff will have complete, real-time transparency into the location, movements and activities of each security officer.

CompleteReport® makes it possible for us to:

  • Know exactly when officers arrive and leave
  • Track each officer wirelessly
  • Ensure that officers don’t leave the property (GeoFence)
  • Customize guard rounds to check important locations
  • Monitor for and remedy officer inactivity
  • Escalate alerts to supervisor for corrective action or praise

Other CompleteReport® Benefits:

  • Provides real-time tour results;
  • Tracks and trends incidents;
  • Ensures ongoing and immediate communication with customers;
  • Streams data & alerts to Top Guard’s command center for live monitoring & response;
  • Minimizes safety and liability risk and helps prevent loss from system failures

Additionally, our unique CompleteReport® electronic monitoring software saves you time and money. The information you need is easy to access through your customized web portal and available when you need it. Top Guard Security becomes an extension of your team, allowing you to perform and feel secure even when you’re not on location.